As a composer, D-Hydrate has spent years crafting a unique sound that captures the ears of listeners with the use of a mixture of live and synthesized instruments as well as being able to blend multiple genres together in a tasteful manner.  Though his sound has often been compared to that of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, he is capable of writing music in a wide range of genres.

While music composition is his forte, D-Hydrate has had experience in scoring a short film (Prognosis) and a excerpt in a comedy series (Bossip Comedy Series).

Live Arrangements

Whether you are performing with tracks or with a live band, there is nothing like having custom tailored arrangements for your show(s).  As an MD (Music Director), D-Hydrate has worked with artist across multiple genres building arrangements that will make you sound like you’re on a major tour.  Along with these arrangements, he creates STEMS (music and/or vocal tracks for live usage with a band) to make even a simple 3-piece band sound like a huge production of 10 musicians with background vocals!