The addition of live drums on recordings is something that many artists and producers want, but because of cost and/or resources they are the first thing that is cut out of production.  With today’s technology and many talented programers, sequenced drums can often sound like a real drummer, but even with this there is nothing like having a real drummer playing.  Because of this I would like to offer you my professional drum tracking services at a price that you can afford!

What you’ll get

  • Professionally recorded drum tracks recorded in a professional recording studio.
  • Editing (removing unnecessary bleed, timing adjustments, etc.)
  • Professionally mixed drum tracks ready to drop into Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
    • Panning, adding EQ, Compression, and Reverb for that BIG, PHAT, and PUNCHY drum sound

HOw Does it work?

  1. Contact me with all pertinent details about your project. (How many songs, style, timeline, etc.)
  2. Send me the song(s) via Dropbox, Hightail, or any other file sharing service of your choosing along with a down payment (25%). ***Your booking confirmation email will include requirements for the format song(s) should be sent in.***
    1. If you are local, you are more than welcome to actually come to the studio for the session(s).
  3. Once the drums are recorded, I will send you mp3 files of the songs for initial approval.
  4. ***If you opt not to have me edit and mix, skip to step 5.*** After this initial approval, I will edit and mix the tracks and then send new mp3s of the song(s) for final approval.
  5. After your final approval, the remaining balance will be due and upon receiving payment confirmation you will be sent the high quality individual drum tracks ready to drop into your DAW.

How much does it cost?

  • Basic Drum Tracks – $34/per song
    • Professionally recorded, individually mic’d, and edited drum tracks without mixing.
  • Mix Ready Drum Tracks – $72/per song
    • Professionally recorded, individually mic’d, edited, and mixed drum tracks ready to be dropped into your DAW.