Primary Instruments: Drums & Keyboard
Other Instruments Played: Organ, Saxophone (Alto & Soprano), and Flute

As a musician, D-Hydrate has shared the stage with numerous artists of varying genres and has served in a number of church ministries of varying denominations.  In addition to live performance, he has a great deal of experience in recording.

As a music director, he takes his production, organization, and coordination skills and blends them together to be a valuable asset to artists looking to take their live performances to the next level.  Building intros, outros, and transitions are just small pieces of what he brings to the stage as an MD.

I may not be the “best” musician, but the “best” musician isn’t the best MD.  A live performance should be an experience that shocks and amazes.  If someone just wants to hear your song, they can download it.

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