In today’s music industry, it is far too common to hear the words “music producer” being attributed to beat making.  This is only a small piece of what true music production is.  As a producer, D-Hydrate focuses on the song and the artist and/or writer.  Crafting the perfect musical accompaniments by listening to and working closely with the client(s) to ensure that their vision of the song is being brought to life (Hydrated).

D-Hydrate takes an old-school approach to production by bringing together the right personnel for the record(s); whether it’s a musician, background singer, or arranger.  Some of his production influences include: Berry  Gordy, Quincy Jones, Brian Michael Cox, Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins, and The Underdogs.

Producing a record isn’t about me writing, composing, or even playing.  It is about the song and what will best suit it and it’s performer.