When some singers hear the words vocal editing their first thoughts are “My vocals don’t need to be tuned!” or “The imperfections and off-timing are what give the song it’s feeling”.  Fact is: in today’s music industry, most everyone’s vocals are tuned and quantized to be perfect.  It is often the difference between an amateur recording and a professional one.

Vocal editing is not just about tuning.  It includes a wide range of services including:

  • Timing adjustments
  • Aligning stacked vocal parts
  • Removing pops, clicks, and other artifacts embedded within the audio
  • Taming and/or removing unnecessary and distracting breaths
  • Tuning

How It Works

  1. Contact me with with all pertinent details about your project. (How many songs, vocal tracks per song, timeline, etc.)
  2. Send me the vocal tracks via Dropbox, Hightail, or any other file sharing service of your choosing along with a down payment (25%). ***Your booking confirmation email will include requirements for song files.***
    1. If you are local, you are more than welcome to actually come to the studio for the session(s).
  3. Once the vocals are edited, I will send you mp3 files of the song(s) for approval.
  4. After your approval, the remaining balance will be due and upon receiving payment confirmation, you will be sent the high quality individual vocal tracks ready to drop back into your DAW.

What It Cost

  • Songs with 1-24 vocal tracks – $75
  • Songs with 25-50 vocal tracks – $125
  • For songs with more than 50 vocal tracks, I will want to see the vocal tracks before quoting a price.  This is because often times the person(s) recording the vocals used unnecessary tracks that can be condensed by editing, which would be an additional charge of $40.